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 Jiangsu Beecore Honeycomb Technology Co.,Ltd is a R & D oriented company focusing on the development of applications of honeycomb composite materials . We are committed to providing customers with the honeycomb composite materials and system development of lightweight, productized, modular and intelligent technologies, processes, equipments and materials.

 We focus on composite materials such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium and stainless steel, and composite products such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, HPL and MDF. In the field of aerospace defense, lightweight applications represented by satellites, space stations and aircraft; in the commercial & industrial field, product development represented by 3C electronics, 5G communication, high-end equipment, solar energy equipment, railways, land & sea transportation, cleanrooms, architectural decoration, smart home, etc.

 We are always committed to providing customers with systematic & lightweight solutions for honeycomb composite materials !

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