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    苏州鸿赞蜂窝材料有限公司源1957年创建的荷兰贝森集 团,是全球领先的蜂窝芯材制造商。公司自成立以来, 一直致力于蜂窝技术的发展和研究,从蜂窝芯,到蜂窝复合 板,再到以蜂窝板为解决方案的成品,如全铝蜂窝板车厢体, 激光电视/投影术创新为根基,不断升级、拓展蜂窝芯材料的 应用范围和产品实现,成为各应用行业内蜂窝芯系统解决方案的推荐企业!目前,鸿赞在我国长三角地区占有60%以上 的市场份额。海外市场覆盖了欧洲、美洲、中东、东南亚等国,深受国内外客户的好评。

Suzhou Beecore Honeycomb Materials Co., Ltd, originated from Besin(Dutch)International Group which was founded in 1957. It is the world's leading professional manufacturer of honeycomb materials. Since it’s established, the company has been committed to the research and established, the company has been committed to the research and development of honeycomb technology, from honeycomb core,honeycomb panel, to the finished product which was using honeycomb panel as the solution, such as the aluminum honeycomb panel truck body, laser TV/projection screen etc. We always stick to the roots of continuous technological innovation, and constantly upgrade and expand the application range of the honeycomb materials, becoming the first choice company for solutions of honeycomb materials! At present,we holds more than 60% market share in the Yangtze River Delta of China. The overseas market covers Europe, America, Middle East,Southeast Asia and other countries, praised by domes-tic and foreign customers.

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